Business Development 

Eco Commerce is a business, investment, and technology-development model that employs market-based solutions to balancing the world’s energy needs and environmental integrity. (Gieseke, Tim 2011 EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy). Through the use of trading and finance, Eco Commerce allows for the further development of Clean Technologies.

Eco Innovation is the introduction of any new or significantly improved product, good or service, process, organizational change or marketing solution that reduces the use of natural resources, including materials, energy, water, and land, and decreases the release of harmful substances across the whole life-cycle.

Eco Commerce is an integrated ecological-economical model that provides a means to account for and value land management activities that improves the condition of natural capital and values the output of eco services. Eco Commerce is more comprehensive than a compilation or organization of ecosystems service markets as it provides the framework to build an ecological intelligence system that allows the public arena of commerce to define sustainability.

We work across borders and industries with local chapter leaders, volunteers, innovators, investors, accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, tax experts, technical support, engineers, public officials, civic representatives and advocates.

We provide a comprehensive, hands-on Advisory Program for chosen technology’s, product development, and commercialization. We operate by providing management support to help new businesses and business models evolve and thrive. 

Our Value

Academic Institutions and Universities and Companies want to commercialize or expand their offerings but most often do not have the financial or human resources to retain local firms to help them. Many organizations and individuals work through their local government agencies that do help but only up to a point. 

We assist businesses grow providing a broad range of services. Eco Commerce Hubs offer easy and fast access to affordable hands-on experts and soft landing services. These Hubs are positioned to help defer the need for heavy investment when a company is getting started or expanding their offering targeting international customers.  

CEC delivers local management, business development and project execution services including business consulting, strategic marketing and project implementation. These services are customized to meet specific needs of a diversified group of companies seeking to expand their customer base. Clients include both United States and foreign based companies seeking profitable growth through expansion of their domestic, international and/or world trade business.

One-Stop Gateway for Establishing Your Eco Commerce Hub or Business

Eco Commerce ‘Hubs’ are one-stop gateways for establishing your business. You can join our hands-on advisory programs, and utilize our fast growing international network of local experts to efficiently enter the local and global markets. 

All services are carried out with a network of highly qualified Preferred Service Providers (PSP), which include companies, R & D Institutions, Universities, Authorities, and Economic Development Agencies. Together, we can effectively assist companies in setting up their offices, operations, and facilities.  

We serve the specific business development needs of regional economic development agencies, public/private sector economic development alliances, state and national agencies, cities and other service organizations. We develop and implement partner  projects to attract new business, investments and jobs to the regions where we operate. 

Soft Landing Services Include:

Preparatory Work

Introduction to relevant people and networks discussing needs and requirements;  

Ongoing support, including sector-specialist advice; 

Providing the right contacts; 

Coordinating and providing representation for companies;


Exploratory Services


Liaison and information services; 

Tailored business visits; 

Market analysis and entry planning; 

Office space for the starting period. 

Incubation Contract (Optional)

Business idea evaluation; 

Plan development; 

Coaching and advice; 

Finding sales agents, distributors or strategic partners. 

After Successfully Landing in the ‘Hub’

Set-up services for the organization; 

Business and R&D partners; 

Business permits and licenses; 

Legal and regulatory assistance; 

Human resource assistance; 

Marketing research assistance; 

Business launch networking and matchmaking services; 

Finding office space and facilities. 

Set-up Services for Individuals

Work and residence permits; 

Housing search and support; 

Family adjustment services; 

Assistance in everyday life; 

Job search assistance; 

Language skills;

Social networking. 


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